My name is Sebastiano M. Cossu (just call me Seb).
I’m a software engineer, gamer, bookworm and INFP.

I worked for some years in web development and I’m going to get soon a degree in Computer Science at “Sapienza” University of Rome.

Born and raised in Rome, I just moved to London to try and break into the game industry.
Game development has always been my dream since I was a child playing NES and MS-DOS games.

I’m very curious and passionate about Software Development and Computer Science in general.
You can find some of my open source projects that reflect my skills and interests on my github, if you’re interested.

My experience with Web Development

I worked as a fullstack web developer for 3 years with HTML5 technologies  like Javascript, HTML, CSS (frontend) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php) environments (backend).

One of my most interesting experience regarding web development, was my short involvement with Mozilla‘s Firefox OS.
It all started with a hackathon: Firefox OS App Days. It was in Rome and the hackathon was about making a new app for the first Mozilla‘s mobile operating system totally based on web technologies. The hackathon lasted just a couple of hours, so I picked up my first iOS project and tried to replicate it in vanilla Javascript + HTML5. Long story short, I won the hackathon and they sent me home the first version of the Firefox OS development kit (customized usb containing the dev manual, a Mozilla Phone, some stickers). I was super happy and tried to make my best to produce some nice apps for that great OS! Unfortunately Mozilla shut down the project and now it’s all gone… apps, OS and dreams. *sigh*

I also had some little experiences with mobile, both making a personal iOS app and supporting the development of an Android app for GT50 company, coding libraries for barcode, QR-code and RFID reading.

My experience with Game Development

I always had interest in videogames and game development. I started early, as a kid, playing around with tools like RPG Maker 2000, Game Maker and Dark Basic. I partecipated to a lot of forums and community around those tools, expecially RPG Maker, and did some tutorials and demos.
Growing up, I tried to learn more professional tools, like C and C++ programming languages and started to play around with SDL1.2 and more recently with SDL2.
In the last months I started to collect and polish some of my past and present projects to show them on my Github (and here on my personal website/blog) and also started to play around with some modern game-dev tools like OpenGL, Unity (C#) and Unreal Engine (C++).

I aim to the game dev industry since forever. I’m working hard for this ambition to become a reality.

My CS interests

Other than web-dev and game-dev in general, my Computer Science interests are vast and various. Probably the biggest are those around Computer Graphics, Compilers, Artificial Life (AL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can find some works and projects on my Github about those fields and maybe learn from them or appreciate them (I would be very happy, if you will!).


All my life was marked by videogames and most of what I am, I owe it to some videogaming experiences I lived.

I won’t make a list of my favourite games, because I will never finish it and would take the most space in this page… but I can tell you that if I have to pick the 3 most important games of my life, I would chose Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, Little Nemo: Dream Master and Doom 2.

I played non-stop since more or less 1991 (I was 1 year old) switching constantly from consoles to PC. I owned a decent number of consoles, but deep down in my heart I always was a PC gamer.

I enjoy most vg genres, from FPS to platformers and roguelike, from sport and racing to ARPGs and turn-based RPGs, but recently I’m more into the strategy and managerial.

I hope one day I will make one of those videogames capable to mark someone’s life just like it happened to me.


  • I’m a *huge* book lover! I love both fictional and non-fictional books and I’m one of those creepy paper-smell-fetish guys. My fav genres are: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, historical, thrillers and classics but I also like biographies, anthologies and both art and science-related books. From time to time I also read poetry books.
  • I’m also a long time manga‘s and comics‘ fan! Some of my fav authors are Rumiko Takahashi, Akira Toriyama, Masakazu Katsura, Tsukasa Hojo, Winsor McCay, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Alan Moore, Greg Rucka, Frank Miller, Tiziano Sclavi, Peter Milligan and Alessandro Barbucci.
  • Another interest of mine is cinema and movies in general. I am mostly a old-movies kind of guy, but I also watch modern stuff.
  • In the last years I discovered the pleasure of trekking and traveling and now it’s something I try to do whenever I can!


Wanna keep in contact? Tweet or email me at smcossu[at]gmail[dot]com.
Check out my CV for more info on my education and working background, or my linkedin profile page.