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I wrote a book!

Yes, I did! It’s called Game Development with GameMaker Studio 2, it’s published by Apress and it will be available by September!

The book covers all the stages of game design and development using GameMaker Studio 2 and GML (GameMaker Language). The selling feature of this book, is that it shows you how to create games while teaching you a lot of other things like game design theory, software engineering principles, games’ history and of course how to use GameMaker Studio 2 and how to code with GML.

The book is project oriented. Every project is a game belonging to a specific game genre. You will create 6 different games belonging to 6 different genres, which is cool because it allows you to overcome very different challenges enhancing your problem solving skills and experience in gameplay programming, and it will also help you out building a cool and diverse portfolio of games!

It was a hard job and I’m very proud of what I achieved.
I hope that this book could be useful to everyone who is starting their journey into game development.
I know how it can be hard to kickstart into this wonderful career (and I’m still at the beginning of the journey), but I assure you that it’s worth! Please don’t give up!

I wrote the book between November 2018 and June 2019. It was my first experience writing a whole book from start to finish and I’m very happy it was on GameMaker, which is the first engine that introduced me to Game Development along with RPG Maker 2000, which I discovered some months later.
Speaking of which… wanna hear the whole story? Go on reading, then! 😛

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